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Outward Swift Transfer

Outward Swift Transfer (TT) is the most efficient, reliable and convenient way to send payments abroad. It covers all types of payments including trade payments to a supplier in all major currencies. BML has won the JPMorgan Chase Bank NY’s “Quality Recognition Award” for 6 years.

Key Features

  • Quick and secure mode of international payment
  • Service available via Internet Banking and through our branches
  • Payments are received by the recipient promptly on time or within 24-48 hours.



  • Over the counter*
  • BML online banking*
  • Minimum
  • Maximum

USD 750
SWIFT/Telex charge USD 15
Correspondence bank charges for other currency transfers except USD Actual
Cancellation (each message) USD 15

* Customers must have USD balances in their accounts

How to Apply

Submit a duly completed TT Application Form to any of our branches, or alternatively, you can apply through Internet Banking with the required supporting documents:

Important documents to be presented:

  • Information Form for SME Banking Customers in case you have not submitted this form or information provided needs to be updated
  • Supporting documents for the international payment, e.g. the invoice