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Letter of Credit

Letter of Credit, or LC, is offered by BML to make a payment to a named beneficiary (seller) within a specified time. The payment will be made once documents which comply strictly with the terms of the LC are presented.

Key Features

  • Minimizes risk, maximizes control, and optimizes profits associated with international trade
  • Expands your company‚Äôs business opportunities
  • Eliminates the need to send cash to the supplier in advance
  • Low commission for issuance of LCs
  • Provides timely approval and issuance
  • Creates efficiency and protection from loss


LC issuance commission per quarter 0.35%
SWIFT charge USD 50
Minimum commission USD 25

You can view the complete Schedule of Charges here.

How to Apply

Submit a LC Application Form to any of our branches along with the required supporting documents:

  • Information Form for SME Banking Customers in case you have not submitted this form or information provided needs to be updated
  • For corporate entities:
      • Certificate of registration
      • Memorandum of Association
      • Articles of Association
      • Latest share position
      • Project details, feasibility and repayment capacity
      • Security details

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