About Us

'Aharenge Bank' - Supporting Local Communities

With 270,000 customers, Bank of Maldives touches the lives of almost every family in the country. ‘Aharenge Bank’ tells the story of our commitment and our vision. It shows a hardworking bank that is determined to continue to improve and meet the needs of the people we serve. We want you to see this unique Maldivian Bank as your bank, a bank that is there for you - when you want to educate your children, when you want to buy a home, when you want to start a business.

We serve our customers nationwide through our branch presence which extends to every atoll in the country.

We are proud to support the senior citizens of this country by distributing pension payments to every inhabited island.

My Bank Creative Innovative

We offer our customers a range of innovative products and services that allow them to make fast and secure payments.