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40th Anniversary

We celebrated our 40th Anniversary in November 2022. We carried out a major initiative each month as a way of supporting and appreciating our customers, communities and colleagues. 

12th Initiative

Innovation Lab Hackathon

The Hackathon was held under the theme of developing ‘Banking Solutions to Enhance Customer Experience’. Three winning teams will go into the Bank’s Innovation Lab to develop their winning ideas over a period of 6 months. At the Innovation Lab, the Bank will provide:

11th initiative

Sports Scholarship for top athletes

The Scholarship program was aimed to support athletes achieve their sporting potential through targeted programs and we provided three fully funded scholarships for top national athletes to train and develop at recognized high performance training centres worldwide. The Scholarships are managed in association with Maldives Olympic Committee (MOC) and are open to all registered national sports associations.

10th initiative

Support to establish oncology ward in IGMH

We entered into an MoU with Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) to establish a dedicated Oncology Ward at the hospital. The Bank provided MVR 3.5 million in financing for this project. 

9th Initiative

Support to Maldives National Museum

BML supported the care, preservation, and display of the National Museum’s collection. This includes the upgrading of its conservation and preservation laboratory as well as the development of interactive content to encourage public engagement and attract visitors to the Museum

8th initiative

BML Fehi Project

We introduced the ‘BML Fehi Project’ to plant 50,000 trees  across the country. Five islands will be selected to receive 10,000 plants, sourced from local nurseries, to reforest and rejuvenate island land spaces that have been identified for greening. 

The 5 islands selected for the year 2022 are:

1. N . Maafaru

2. Lh. Hinnavaru

3. M. Dhiggaru

4. Th. Guraidhoo

5. G.Dh.Gadhdhoo

7th initiative

Kindly by BML

A safe, secure and user-friendly platform through which NGOs can create fundraising campaigns and accept donations to create social impact in their field of work.

6th initiative

Project to upgrade HPSN in K. Guraidhoo

Our support to HPSN will focus on furnishing the Centre’s new children’s ward, modernizing and refurbishing the in-house kitchen, enhancing the existing library and revamping the staff facilities at the Centre.

5th initiative

BML Small Grant

We will be supporting Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) on projects that are aimed towards sustainability, climate change mitigation and adaptation.

8 NGOs will be granted MVR 250,000 each. 

4th initiative

Housing Grant

The Housing Grant aims to build a fully furnished 3 bedroom houses for three vulnerable families across the Maldives. 

The recipients of the Housing Grant are:

1. Sukoon, Sh. Funadhoo. Proposal submitted by Unity Sports Academy

2. Ishaa, N. Velidhoo. Proposal submitted by Velidhoo Future Foundation

3. Sunhiyaa, A.Dh. Maamigili. Proposal submitted by Falcon Youth and Recreation

3rd initiative

BML Startup Grant Fund

The BML Startup Grant was a program for emerging entrepreneurs to win a grant funding to start or grow a business in the Maldives. Bank of Maldives provided mentoring support for the winners to successfully implement their plans.

The four winners:

1. Mohamed Nazlee and Aishath Shamma Mohamed (NirisS Embroidery)
Expanding existing embroidery business.

2. Aminath Irasha (Kids Zone)
New business teaching wood craft with a conducive learning environment for children with special needs.

3. Hawwa Suzan (Hawwan Cakes)
Expanding existing small scale, home-based cake business into a bakery and introducing training facilities.

4. Aishath Liusha (Climate Smart Good Agricultural Practices)
Expanding existing business to promote sustainable farming.

2nd initiative

Project to upgrade the National Library

Project to refurbish and upgrade the National Library. Under the project, we plan to revamp the entire library including the main reading area, Kiyavathi discussion room, silent reading and research room as well as the Makers Space and the National Collection room. Existing facilities will be upgraded with new computer systems, audio and video booth for digitization and for the first time, a security system was installed at the facility.

1st initiative

BML Scholarship Fund

We provided fully funded international scholarships for three students in the area of Banking and Finance. The BML Scholarship Fund is aimed at developing talented young Maldivians in the field and will be an annual fund open to all.

The three recipients of the BML Scholarship Fund 2022:

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