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Economic Stimulus Loan

Ministry of Finance has secured funds to help sustain small and medium businesses as part of its previously announced Economic Stimulus package.

Bank of Maldives has partnered with the Ministry of Finance to support the implementation of the Economic Stimulus Loan.

The Economic Stimulus Loan will be available to businesses financially affected by the pandemic to finance up to MVR 7 million at a lower interest rate of 6%. This is an unsecured facility with a repayment period of 4 years.


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Be aware of fraudsters. Your security is our top priority and we take great care to protect our customers and ask you to be cautious too.

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We need to follow requirements arising from laws that govern the activities of the Bank. If we cannot obtain sufficient information from you, we are not permitted to offer you services. We must know our customers well! It's easy to update your personal information through Internet Banking.

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